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Bluetooth Remote Shutter with Zoom
Bluetooth Remote Shutter with Zoom
  • Model:JHM-803
  • Connection:Bluetooth
  • Net Weight:8g
  • Dimension:48*37*10mm
  • Features:Bluetooth wireless remote shutter
  • - See more at: http://www.jhmelec.com/JHM-803-Bluetooth-Remote-Shutter-Zoom-Change-Camera-Function-iPhone#sthash.WSsY29Pl.dpuf


    Click! It's a self timer. Click! It's smart for zoom in and out and change camera for 
    Zoom in and zoom out function for iOS iPhone iPad
    Change front and rear camera for iOS iPhone iPad
    Press Zoom in and Change camera button to be in Photo / Video in APP
    Modern colors may include Blue, White, Black, Yellow, Green & Red

    Interface Bluetooth 3.0
    Function Zoom in, zoom out, change camera, Phote/video
    Features Wireless remote shutter
    Battery CR2032*1 cell(include)
    Colors Blue, White, Black, Yellow, Green & Red etc
    Support system iOS 5/6/7/8, Android 4.2 and latest, WIN

    • This Remote Shutter features a modern update with zoom function

    • Take photos self timer easily in fashion shape

    • Wireless taking photos keeps your screen free

    • Bluetooth camera shutter in one sleek design

    • A gently tapered shape for a more comfortable hold

    • Could print LOGO on item

    • This is a pack of 6 pens in various colors: Blue, White, Black, Yellow, Green & Red


    Product details

    Communication: Bluetooth Version 3.0. Transmit frequency: 2.4GHz-2.4835GHz. Communication distance: 10M(30ft). Battery life: CR2032*1 cell(include)/about 6 months life uder working in 10 times a day. Dimension: 48*37*10mm. Weight: about 8g. Battery:Positive pole upwards to install the battery.

    Wireless remote shutter

    It is easy to take photos through model JHM-803 Bluetooth wireless shutter. Connect in wireless Bluetooth technology.

    Support iOS / Android

    The shutter support iOS and Android. It is convenient to connect smart phone and shutter via Bluetooth wireless 3.0 technology.

    Zoom in and out function

    Download APP "BT Shutter" in APP Store from iPhone in free to enjoy fun from shutter. It have zoom function for iOS and Android.

    Change front and rear camera in smart phone

    Click change camera button on shutter. It is easy to change camera for your smart phone.

    Colors of Bluetooth remote shutter

    There are more than 6 colors Blue, White, Black, Yellow, Green & Red. And we could produce for you if you offer CMYK color number 

    Packing box

    Items are packing in color box. It is could display in supper market and as a gift send to you families or friends.

    Poartable Size

    mini size makes it easily take away with your keys and smart phones. In Bluetooth 3.0 save power system make battery life goes far away. 

    Battery include

    Power support by CR2032*1 cell(include). It could be in 6 month life while you taking photes every day 

    Compatible devices

    Compatible devices
    Compatible with Android 4.2.2 OS or latest and iOS 6.0 or latest

    Inbuilt Camera APP support iOS device:
    iPhone 5S/5C/5, iPhone 4S/4, iPad 3/2, iPad mini, iPad with Retina, iPod touch 4th or latest

    .Inbuilt Camera APK support Android device:
    Samsung Galaxy S2/S3/S4+, Note 1/2/3+, Tab 2, Note 8, 10.1+, Moto X/Nexus 4/5/7+

    Camera 360 APP/APK support:
    iOS, Android


    Support iOS / Anroid smart phone / tablet PCs


    Bluetooth remote shutter support iOS / Android

    Product review

    Zoom and change camera function of Bluetooth Camera Remote Shutter self timer  for iPhone / iPad / Samsung.

    There are 4 functions buttons: Zoom in, Zoom out, change camera, taking photos.

    mini portable size easy to take out with your smart phone and Bluetooth device.

    Colors in fashion compatible with smart phone / Tablet PCs.

    Support iOS / Android / WIN system. And APP "BT Shutter" free to download.

    - See more at: http://www.jhmelec.com/JHM-803-Bluetooth-Remote-Shutter-Zoom-Change-Camera-Function-iPhone#sthash.WSsY29Pl.dpuf


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