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XinRui New Year's Day holiday notice

XinRui Technology (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd  2014 New Year's Day holiday notice

Dear customer, your company:
In accordance with the State Council Office of our holidays, scheduled for 2013 New Year's Day is a holiday for 1 days, the specific arrangements are as follows:
In January 1st, 1 day of holiday
Two, each department to arrange the duty system:
1 personnel on duty in the person of the first responsibility on New Year's Day holiday on duty during the hydropower operation and safety work, we must strengthen the sense of responsibility, enhance the consciousness of the work and initiative, to ensure safe, stable operation of hydropower.
2 duty during must ensure that the phone open, encountered significant issues, must report to the superior leadership and do the temporary measures, actively. .
3 laboratory during this period will be powered off, please customers and adjustment of laboratory test plan, avoid this time testing.
Three, new year's Day holiday notice
During the holiday, please pay attention to the personal safety, and returns on time. In the case of non-human reason can not return on time, please ask for leave to the competent department.
Finally I wish all of you a happy new year!


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