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Shenzhen construction site
The board industry trends and Anwar Development Goals
Anwar Company was founded in 1994, is a high-tech electronics industry with PCB professional the circuit board and FPC demand set manufacturing company, with particular focus on high-tech electronics industry with a number of domestic and foreign well-known electronics companies recognized in the long-term cooperation has been named the most satisfied and most assured of the supporting vendors.

Analysis on the current situation, the circuit board market continues to develop, mainly due to two aspects:

A circuit board applications market space industry continues to expand, the application of the communications industry, thanks to the enhancement of the laptop, making the rapid growth of the market of high-end multi-layer circuit boards, , LCD TVs, mobile phones, automotive electronic products, especially in future triple play plan, which makes the space of the circuit board industry is expanding.

. Global PCB industry circuit board market size in China reached 550 million in 2003, an increase of 12.9% over 2002, more than $ 333 billion in 2000 to transfer to China an increase of 65.2%, the size of the market from 2000, the world’s fourth jumped to the world’s second. All this thanks to the global electronics manufacturing industry transfer to China, led to the rapid expansion of the market space of circuit board.

This development status and trends, enhance electronic circuit technology is imperative. Several major emerging market prospects of the board are as follows:

1. chips scale package CSP will gradually Replace TSOP, BGA. The application of electronic products, light, thin, short, small chip scale package developed new generation package. The advantage is that can effectively shorten the distance of signal transduction, the attenuation be reduced chip interference, anti-noise performance can be significantly improved. Chip scale package will continue its rapid development, and gradually replace the TSOP package and ordinary BGA package.

2. The steel flex board very optimistic about the prospects for the development

Steel flex plate is laminated on a printed board includes one or more rigid region and one or more flexible zone, by the rigid plates and the flexible plate and orderly with metallized holes to form electrical connections, and its advantages for folding mechanism, it is widely used in the computer, aerospace, military electronic equipment, mobile phones, digital (photo) camera, communication equipment, analytical instruments. According to the forecast, according to the area, an average annual growth rate of more than 37%. So far, can produce steel flex board manufacturers rarely, and almost no experience of mass production manufacturers, so the prospects are very good.

3. Prospects for the development of photovoltaic panels

Due to the growth of bandwidth and distance, the transmission line of the copper material will reach the limit of the bandwidth and distance, and to meet the need for increased bandwidth and distance optical transmission is mainly used in communication switching and data exchange future development will be applied to the work and server, based on the forecast the global photovoltaic panels, an annual growth rate of 14%.

4. Multilayer development opportunities

Ordinary multilayer is a mature product, future growth is relatively stable, but higher levels of high multilayer technology, coupled with Europe and the United States largely abandoned conventional levels of PCB production to China industry opportunities. Forecast a future high multilayer annual growth rate of approximately 13%. Rapid growth in the

5.HDI board,

Based on the use of the high-end HDI board member, the future growth of the very rapid growth of 3G mobile phones in the world in the next few years will be more than 30%, IC the carrier board industry advisory body, predicted the Chinese growth rate of 80%, it is representative of the technology development direction of the board.

Company in the last few years have started to consider the adjustment of product structure.

The recruitment related R & D engineering technology research center was established in 2006. Its objectives and tasks: (1) high-power, high-performance LED product development and mass production process test. LED Controller, R & D, COB package in pottery substrate directly manufacture of high power LED module experiments LED energy-saving system. (2) to further increase the rigid-flex board production technology, improve product reliability and feasibility of mass production. ③ cooperation with Sun Yat-sen University, to speed up the research and development of optical backplane. ④ with the university to develop a new generation of the new circuit board materials, new technology. To carry out the the superfine processing circuit and technology research FPC sheet finished the R & D, and scalable.

Relying on the research of the needs of the market and the company’s R & D center, the company will seize the opportunity to make leaps and bounds, to become a high technology content, there is a sense of social responsibility of private high-tech enterprise.


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